I incorporate each month a new response chant into my classrooms Pre-K through 6th grade. Usually the response will have something to do with the seasons, holidays or common courtesies.

The response chant has also evolved into a classroom management tool, since after the class has responded, everyone is quiet waiting to hear my next instructions.

The teacher calls out a word, sentence, part of a rhyme, etc. and the students "chant" the appropriate response. The response has been, of course, introduced and practice before.

Possble signal- response chants
  1. Gracias! -     De nada!
  2. Achoo!!! -   Salud!!
  3. Booo!!  -    No tengo miedo!
  4. Feliz Navidad.. -Feliz Ano Nuevo
  5. Ay Ay Ay Ay  - Canta y no llores!!
  6. Mi amor- te amo
  7. Feliz..-Pascuas
  8. Arbolito de Perú... -Cuántos años tienes tú?
  9. Mi casa...   - es su casa!!